Our Pricings

Discover the perfect book cover design that captures your narrative and fits your budget, designed to attract and engage your ideal readers.

Ideal for authors seeking a straightforward and cost-effective design:
  • Custom eBook Cover: High-resolution front cover design.

  • Simplicity and Impact: Focus on clean, effective design elements.

  • Unlimited Revisions: Refine and perfect your cover as much as needed.

Perfect for authors ready to make a more substantial investment in their book’s marketability:
  • Custom Paperback Cover: Full cover design (front, spine, and back).

  • Enhanced Customization: Opportunity to integrate complex design elements.

  • Unlimited Revisions: Make endless adjustments until you’re completely satisfied.

Comprehensive design solution for maximum impact:
  • Full Paperback Cover: Custom design including front, spine, and back.

  • Premium Stock Images: Access to high-quality images for a standout cover.

  • Promotional Materials: Includes 3D mockups of your book.

  • Unlimited Revisions: Freedom to revise until perfection is achieved.